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An online bachelor's in business administration prepares students for entry-level careers or MBA programs . Applicants need a high school or GED diploma. Some 火豹电竞娱乐官方 require standardized test scores and recommendation letters. Degree-seekers typically complete major and general education classes. Some programs let learners double major or minor.

This page lists the best online bachelor's in business administration programs. Read on to learn about costs, common classes, and potential jobs for graduates.

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Questions About Business Administration Programs

What can you do with a business administration degree?

Degree-holders can pursue a variety of careers or apply to graduate school. Career and academic advisors can help learners research jobs or graduate 火豹电竞娱乐官方.

How long does it take to get a degree in business administration?

Students without prior college experience need four years to earn a bachelor's in business administration. Learners with an associate degree may need only 1-2 years to graduate.

What kind of jobs can you get with a business administration degree?

Degree-holders may work as financial analysts , financial examiners, or market research analysts. These jobs may require experience along with a degree.

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Why Get a Degree in Business Administration?

Earning an online bachelor's in business administration lets graduates explore diverse careers. Graduates may work as insurance underwriters, personal financial advisors, or securities and commodities sales agents. These and related positions pay much higher than the $41,950 U.S. median annual salary.

Many bachelor's in business administration online programs feature unique benefits, such as asynchronous curriculum. Asynchronous classes let degree-seekers study when convenient. This feature appeals to students who work. Online programs also help students save money since enrollees do not pay for campus housing or meal plans.

How Much Does a Business Administration Degree Cost?

Tuition varies by program and learners' residency status. Students attending public in-state 火豹电竞娱乐官方 spend an annual average of $10,740 on tuition and fees . Out-of-state degree-seekers spend an average of $27,560. A bachelor's from a private school averages $38,070.

Students pursuing an online bachelor's in business administration can research financial aid to help pay for their degree. Many colleges offer automatic scholarships to learners who excelled in high school or an associate program. Schools may also offer need-based grants. Learners should submit the FAFSA annually to determine their eligibility for federal grants and loans.

Additional Online Student Fees

Online degree-seekers should budget for expenses such as materials and books. They may also need to buy a new computer or upgrade their internet. Degree-seekers attending a hybrid program should factor in commuting costs. Some 火豹电竞娱乐官方 charge technology or graduation fees.

Learners may face additional costs after graduation. Many professionals with an MBA become certified public accountants (CPAs). Licensing fees can cost hundreds of dollars. CPA candidates should factor in costs for study materials or exam-preparation classes. Employers may cover these costs.

How Much Do Business Administration Majors Make?

Salaries vary by employer, job title, and geographic location. For example, financial analysts working in New York, Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts earn a median annual salary exceeding $105,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics .

Earning an MBA or similar degree can help graduates increase their earning potential. Accountants and auditors with a master's can earn CPA licensure. Many CPAs work for themselves, providing clients with expert financial planning advice. These professionals earn a median annual salary of $73,560.

Courses in Business Administration

A 120-credit bachelor's in business administration program may feature one or more concentration options, such as business management or human resources management. Concentrations help students align their education with their career goals. Learners can further customize their education by taking business electives or completing a minor in another subject.

See below for three common classes in business administration bachelor's programs. Keep in mind that classes vary by program. Graduation requirements, the academic experience, and graduate outcomes also vary. Students can select the right school by researching programs' curricula and learning outcomes. Schools' academic or admissions advisors can answer any questions.

  • Introduction to Business

    This first-semester class emphasizes how the business world works at different levels. Learners study business management operations, consumer behavior, and the field's evolution. Students learn how businesses operate and the financial issues they face. Degree-seekers develop academic writing and professional communication skills.
  • Principles of Management

    This class introduces students to how managers lead teams and organizations. Learners analyze management best practices and functions. The skills degree-seekers develop relate to careers in the public and private sectors. Graduates can use what they learn in this class to make their workplace more effective and create a better management structure.
  • International Business

    Many business graduates work for multinational companies. This class prepares them for the workplace with coursework in international trade, the global economy, and different nations' political structures. Enrollees explore globalization and how human resources impacts international business operations. Learners take this class in their program's third or fourth year.

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Career and Salary Outlook for Business Administration Students

Students interested in earning a bachelor's in business administration degree online can visit their prospective 火豹电竞娱乐官方' career center website to explore jobs and resources. They can also join job boards or complete internships. This helps learners narrow down potential job paths and select the right one.

See below for three possible careers for graduates with a bachelor's in business administration.

  • Financial Analyst

    These professionals help clients choose investments and research market trends. They also maintain their employer's financial paperwork. Financial analysts need strong interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills. They specialize in one or more areas, such as fund or portfolio management. Some employers prefer candidates with a master's degree.
  • Financial Examiner

    Most financial examiners work for credit services or investment companies. They analyze balance sheets, prepare reports for managers, and train less-senior employees. These professionals specialize in risk assessment or consumer compliance. Aspiring financial examiners should choose a program that emphasizes accounting skills.
  • Market Research Analyst

    These workers forecast financial trends, gather data, and write reports. Many analysts work in the management, scientific, finance, or wholesale trade industry. Some senior-level analysts hold an MBA or another master's degree. Other professionals advance their career by earning a professional certification.
Career Median Annual Salary Projected Growth Rate (2020-2030)
Financial Analyst $83,660 6%
Financial Examiner $81,430 18%
Market Research Analyst $65,810 22%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top 15 Online Bachelor's in Business Administration Programs 2022

#15 –Southeast Missouri State University

Online BSBA

Points : 10
Southeast Missouri State University offers a bachelor’s in business administration online intended to be completed on a part-time basis. Offered through the university’s College of Business, the program includes a business administration core, featuring classes like Business Policy and Strategy, Management Science, Principles of Accounting, and Financial Management. Students will also take support courses such as Business Communications, Business Statistics, and Introduction to Microcomputer Applications as well as major classes like Introduction to Business Research, Accounting Analytics, Applied Economic Models, and Business Forecasting. An accelerated option is available to online business administration bachelor’s students who wish to pursue a master’s degree.
In-State Tuition : $7,185

#14 –Lamar University

Online BBA

Points : 11
The online bachelor’s in business administration option from Lamar University is a comprehensive, 48-month program. Enrolled students choose from among three emphasis areas: General Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship. The curriculum for the program emphasizes communications and business technologies and includes core courses such as Business Law, Business Environment and Public Policy, Business Analysis, and Production Management, for instance. Specialty courses include Advanced Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurial Market Opportunities, Human Resource Management, and Marketing Management. BBA online students must complete 120 credit hours to earn their degrees.
In-State Tuition : $8,314

#13 –Sam Houston State University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration

Points : 11
The online bachelor of business administration from Sam Houston State University is a 120-credit hour program featuring an optional emphasis in Professional Golf Management. Offered through the Department of General Business and Finance, the program features core courses like Strategic Management and Policy, Business Legal Environment, Principles of Management, Business Analysis, and Principles of Marketing, for instance. Fall, Spring, and Summer start dates add extra convenience to this fully online BBA program.
In-State Tuition : $8,062

#12 –Colorado Technical University

Online BSBA

Points : 12
The BSBA online from Colorado Technical University is a comprehensive 180-credit hour program. This offering is a highly versatile one, featuring over a dozen concentration options, including Organizational Behavior, Business Development, International Business, Healthcare Management, Finance, Data Analytics, and more. Core courses comprising the curriculum for the program include Global Managerial Economics, International Business Practices, Spreadsheet Applications, and Introduction to Logistics/Supply Chain Management. Fast-track exams are available, allowing online bachelor’s business administration students to earn credit for prior learning.
In-State Tuition : $11,689

#11 –City University of Seattle

Bachelor’s in Business Administration Online

Points : 13
The City University of Seattle offers a business administration bachelor’s online degree that can be completed fully online or via a blended learning model. Students choose from among five emphasis areas: Management, Data Analytics for Decision Making, Engineering Self-Organization, Project Management, and Specialty Study. Required courses include Technology and Operations Management, Economic Analysis for Business Decisions, Marketing and Competitive Analysis, and Managing Organizational Systems and Complexity. Depending on their chosen emphasis area, online business administration bachelor’s degree students will take additional classes like Advanced Tools in Business Analytics, The Self-Organizing Enterprise, Design of Effective Teams and Organizations, and Project Scheduling and Cost Management.
In-State Tuition : $16,920

#10 –Colorado State University-Global Campus

Online Bachelor’s in Business Management

Points : 13
Colorado State University-Global Campus offers a robust online bachelor’s in business administration with an optional specialization in Human Resources and Organizational Development. Courses for the major include Information Systems Design and Management, Quantitative Business Analytics, and Principles of Human Resource Management. A capstone in business policy development and implementation is also required. Students may also pursue endorsements in Applied Strategic Management and Managing Business Fundamentals in the Global Marketplace. Graduates of this business administration bachelor’s online program qualify for positions as business analysts, sales managers, business advisors, and cost estimators, for example.
In-State Tuition : $8,400

#9 –Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Points : 13
The 127-credit hour BS in business administration online program from Bellevue University features five distinct concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, International Management, and Marketing. All enrolled students will fulfill a common business core, including classes like Introduction to Management Science, Business Policy and Strategy, Principles of Finance, and International Computer Concepts and Applications. Business administration major requirements include courses such as Managing Operations in a Changing Economy, International Finance, and Organizational Behavior. This BSBA online program also includes an optional secondary teacher education with business, marketing, and IT endorsement.
In-State Tuition : $7,752

#8 –Fort Hays State University

Online BBA: Management

Points : 13
The online BBA from Fort Hays State University features concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, and Operations Management. Students will fulfill a business core, including courses such as Marketing Principles, Production and Operations Management, and Business Policy as well as major classes like Applied Management Skills; Business, Society, and Ethics; and Organizational Behavior and Development. They will also take elective classes in their chosen concentration such as Total Quality Management, Global Human Resources, Employment Law, and Service Operations. After graduation from their BBA online programs, students will find employment as operations managers, management analysts, logistics managers, independent business owners, and more.
In-State Tuition : $5,009

#7 –University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Online BS in Business Administration

Points : 14
The University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s online BSBA program is offered through its renowned Isenberg School of Management. Students enrolled in the AACSB-accredited program can choose from five optional majors: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Operations and Information Management. Core courses required for the program include Introduction to Operations Management, Management Communications, Corporate Finance, Business Data Analysis, and Introduction to Business Information Systems. U.S. News & World Report has named UMass- Amherst the #1 public undergraduate business program in the northeast.
In-State Tuition : $15,411

#6 –Pennsylvania State University- World Campus

Bachelor of Science in Business Online

Points : 14
Penn State University offers a comprehensive online BS in business administration featuring six concentration options: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Health Services, Management and Marketing, and an individualized option. Courses for the major include Contemporary Skills for the Business Professional, Strategic Business Planning, International Business Operations, and Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making. Graduates of this bachelor’s in business administration online program receive the same diploma as on-campus students.
In-State Tuition : $13,988

#5 –Eastern Oregon University

BS in Business Administration Online

Points : 14
The versatile online business administration bachelor’s option from Eastern Oregon University features five concentrations: Leadership, Organization, and Management; Marketing; Accounting; General Business; and Global Food Systems and Agribusiness. Enrolled students will take core courses such as Business Data Processing, Information Management, Principles of Finance, and Operations Management. They will also take classes in their chosen concentration such as Principles of International Business, Marketing Research, Agribusiness Finance, and Legal Issues for Leaders. In addition to this top business administration bachelor’s online program, a business minor is also available online.
In-State Tuition : $8,362

#4 –American Public University

BBA in Business Administration Online

Points : 14
American Public University offers a full-time, four-year online BBA with an impressive number of concentration options, including Business Analysis, International Business Management, Marketing, Information Technology Management, Economics, Data Analytics, and more. Major courses include Foundations of Financial Management, Critical Thinking Strategies for Business Decisions, Law and Ethics in the Business Environment, and Global Competitive Strategy, for instance. In addition, students will take 39 elective credits. Monthly start dates make it convenient for students to begin earning their online BBA degrees.
In-State Tuition : $6,880

#3 –Purdue University- Global

BBA Online

Points : 15
Purdue University-Global offers one of the best online BBA programs available in terms of customization. The program features over a dozen different concentration options, including New Media/Internet Marketing, Financial Analysis, Procurement, Investment, Real Estate, and Sales Management, for instance. Major requirements for the courses include Business Math and Statistical Measures, Global Business, Small Business Management, and Business Process Management. An internship or capstone is also required. Students who desire a master’s credential can also take advantage of the school’s accelerated bachelor’s/MBA offering. Multiple start dates per year add extra convenience to this already flexible online bachelor’s business administration option.
In-State Tuition : $9,992

#2 –West Texas A&M University

Online BBA

Points : 16
West Texas A&M University offers a versatile online bachelor’s business administration program through its distinguished Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business. Students enrolled in the program will choose from five different major options: Finance, General Business, Management, Marketing, and Law and Economics. Featured courses include Statistics in Business and Economics, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, Employment Law, and Production and Operations Management. Students at West Texas A&M can choose to complete their BBA online or via a blended learning option.
In-State Tuition : $7,846

#1 –University of Florida

Bachelor’s in Business Administration Online

Points : 17
The University of Florida offers two online bachelor’s business administration programs: a BA and a BS option. Offered through the Warrington College of business, both programs include core business courses such as Operations and Supply Chain Management, Statistics for Business Decisions, Business Finance, and International Management. In addition, the BA option features eight different specialization areas, including Anthropology, Sociology, Sport Management, and Mass Communication, for instance. Students who complete their business administration bachelor’s online programs are qualified for careers as personal financial advisors, labor relations specialists, buyers and purchasing agents, market research analysts, and more.
In-State Tuition : $3,876

This concludes our ranking of the Top Online Bachelor's in Business Administration. Thanks for checking it out!

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